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Power Banks at HSN

Posted By Ali On 22nd Apr 2016 @ 3:16 PM

Smartphone batteries have always been a concern when being out of the house for too long. No matter how big a battery the manufacturer puts in the smartphone or how optimized the operating system is, 3rd party applications always take their toll on your battery life.


So, instead of restricting the use of certain power hungry applications (I’m looking at you, Snapchat), the next best alternative would be to purchase a decent power bank, which is portable enough for you to carry around. This gives users an extra bit of juice to get through the day with ease; depending on which product you go for.



Here are some of the best options available at HomeShopping.pk for you to purchase:

Sony’s Portable USB Charger CP-V5 5000mAh Power Bank which would give you enough power to charge your phone a couple of times and is also not too expensive. https://homeshopping.pk/products/Portable-USB-Charger-CP-V5-Price-In-Pakistan.html


Original Lepow Power Bank 6000 mAh is another good option which has an added benefit of 2 USB ports through which you would be able to charge 2 smartphones at the same time! https://homeshopping.pk/products/Probox-Power-banks-6000-mAh-high-quality.html


Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger (DC-18) is a very compact product, which would not come in handy for people who need more than one charge per day. This product is for those that need just a little bit of extra juice per day. https://homeshopping.pk/products/Nokia-Universal-Portable-USB-Charger-DC18-Price-In-Pakistan.html


So here are some of the portable chargers that we have at HomeShopping.pk. Be sure to check out the whole list as we have quite a few! For more news and information, keeping checking our news section.